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Drop Me a Line

Drop me a line, oh blog-stalker of mine,
send me a comment, a post, a review.
You look, but don’t say much, but really that’s fine.
The truth is, my one loyal reader is you.

I know that it is you, you see, without fail
Because no one comes by here as much as you do.
My family would tell me, would ride me, would rail.
No one else that I know is as quiet as you.

But never desert me, sweet one I can’t see.
It’s nice just to have you, anonymously.

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Cytherean Dreams

Do you feel broken?
Are you lying somewhere
empty, drained out
of hope and love
worried for your future
and thinking, as
your heart sinks
that you’ll never see
your dreams
in front of you
never know
the sweetness
of living a pure
and profound life?
Are you broken, beloved?
Can you find
the peace within yourself
be calm and listen
and put yourself together

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Love in Perspective

I could hear the laugh in your voice
the lilting, joyful sound of you
realizing how lucky you are
how lucky we are
that we even have an us
and then, to be apart,
but not really, still able
to talk every day and
love every minute and
know that we will be together
soon, and safe.
It was good to hear
that ease in your voice again
as we laugh together
in our good fortune.
So many aren’t as lucky.

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No Need

No need to scream out to the stars.

No need to hide away.

No need to wonder if you’ll see

these words I write today.

No need to cross my heart and hope

that you will hold me dear.

No need to purge pain from the past

or wallow in my fear.

For you have brought a peace and calm

to light my future bright.

I know you’ll be my steadfast friend,

my comfort, and my knight.

No need to fear you leaving me.

Your brilliant love is all I see.

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I speak, and hear you
repeat back to me
what I’ve said to you and
does it matter, then, if
there’s an echo here,
deafening out other sounds
until I’m not sure
if it’s you or me or someone
else, maybe, who
started this scream
in the beginning?

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Of Course This is About You

A guest blogger post – he doesn’t have his own site, so it’s being posted here for the first time anywhere!

Of Course This is About You
by Andre Charles

I can get accustomed to this comfort
And cast costumes and cloaks aside
Cushioned by your compassion
I can confess and confide

Clear-eyed candid contemplations
Crafting chipper new chapters
In a colorful calligraphy of continually
Enchanting ever afters

Completely content cuddling
Encountering your countless charms
Cultivating a casual closeness
Captivated cradling you in my arms

Cheery carefree couplings
Communing unconsciously
Connecting concurrently
Quite the comfy company