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there are not, young one. Do not
be fooled by Darkness.

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Drop Me a Line

Drop me a line, oh blog-stalker of mine,
send me a comment, a post, a review.
You look, but don’t say much, but really that’s fine.
The truth is, my one loyal reader is you.

I know that it is you, you see, without fail
Because no one comes by here as much as you do.
My family would tell me, would ride me, would rail.
No one else that I know is as quiet as you.

But never desert me, sweet one I can’t see.
It’s nice just to have you, anonymously.

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Re-blogging my old favorites…this one is always a good reminder of the point of pain.

Cytherean Dreams

If I believe, and I do,
that God gives me good parking spaces
and loves my laugh when I realize
in delight that I once again
have the best spot,
then how can I not believe
that God has brought the sadness
and pain into my life, as well?
How can I not?
I believe in the plan
but the plan is not without pain.
I have to believe
that God inflicts the minimum,
that had this pain not existed,
something worse would have come instead.
That this will lead, in the end,
to something good,
as long as I choose to believe,
and keep myself open
to change, to my path, even if
the logic seems absent.
Follow my instincts, even if
I don’t always understand them.
God speaks to us through joy,
and I will follow where
my laughter leads me.

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There’s a reason
I know, some
growth that could
only happen this way.
Why did he have to
be perfect? Why
did the signs have to
be so clear,
light rain
and shimmering cosmic colors
dancing, blessing our
every step forward?
Why did he adore me,
tossing around the words
love and beautiful and sexy
entranced by my every move?
Why did we instantly forge
these bonds?
We needed to grow, I guess,
and this is how to do it
with pain from bonds
torn asunder
refusal to look at me
or touch me
words forgotten and
signs that mean
nothing after all.

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Was it my energy
that pulled you in
drew you to sit there
where I had been
for so many weeks
pouring my aura forth
from my first, centered,
breath deep and song
steady and pure?
Did you feel me there
when you sat down?
Did I come in
pulled by your thoughts
right as you were
praying for company
on your journey
in this new land?
And will the pull
be enough to
bring you back?

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It’s there for anyone
to see, but I think
I’m the only person
who sees this year’s calendar
quite like this.
My day, when I was born,
this time is the birth
of the trees, too,
and a rebirth
for me, standing and reading
from our sacred scroll
for the first time with
my own ivory wrap,
and my family and home hosting
a celebration of women,
continuing into the night
with those who have helped me
throughout this lifetime.
Your day, when you were born,
this time is the day
when long ago, it was
a time of choosing, of committing
to love and taking on
the role of husband
with revelry lasting
through the night, on the sand
by firelight, ocean roaring.
And it’s my anniversary, too,
this time around,
three years since I returned
because you called me there,
finding myself in the words
heard once again, after
centuries of forgetting.
Two years since you wondered aloud
on that same day
how to know who truly cares
and who to trust
and I was there to hear it.
Breathtaking symmetry,
coinciding so coincidentally

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Good Karma

She walked quickly down
the street
followed by a
screaming man
obscenities thrown
at her, insane miming
about what he would do
to her,
if he could,
and she trembled, turned back
and ended up
next to me.
Not on purpose.
I was part of the scenery
to her. She thought
she was alone
in the daylight
on a busy street
with no one caring
about her plight.
But I moved forward
stood with her
and spoke and kept
her safe, and a
gentleman tried to come
to our rescue, but
we didn’t need it then.
We thanked him, and left
and I drove her
the short distance
to her friends and safety
and she smiled as she left me
and said this was
good karma, to start
this year.
I shrugged
and smiled
because I don’t care
if this
comes back to me
or not.
I’m just tickled
giggly with life
that I was in
the right place
at the right time
to help her
on her way.