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The Co-Chairs recognized the Honorable Eldest Daughter, who introduced a measure to amend dinner by easing ice cream restrictions & lifting the Salad Mandate.

The Distinguished Junior Daughter seconded & the Amendment was debated on the floor. The Kitchen Cabinet testified that the Motion was out of order & the Subject was tabled.

The Discipline & Rules Committee issued findings on the effectiveness of “time-out” sequestering & recommended the further study of grounding alternatives.

An emergency funding request for toys was vetoed by the Executive Council due to a failure to adhere & comply with homework regulations in a consistent, orderly & timely manner.

A symbolic non-binding resolution to extend fixed limits on television monitoring was passed by the Child Caucus without comment.

A House Member was censored for violating the “no name calling” provisions of this afternoon’s Sibling Ceasefire Agreement.

The Proposal to adjourn for bedtime was filibustered &…

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I think of you in Torah class
studying the rabbi’s commentaries
and spinning meanings from
ancient, foreign words.

I think of you in Shabbat services
singing melodies of praise
to our God of lovingkindness
grateful for the fate brought me you.

I think of you at our temple parties
as we dance and eat and gossip
mixing faith with friendship,
our children laughing nearby.

I think of you, even though
you weren’t brought here by faith or birth.
But you are one of us, a part of me.
You have been and will be there, being you.

Thank you
for showing my importance to you
for your willingness to take part
for your faith in me.

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The demons came last night
stole my rest and
drive my children
into madness, screaming
until I screamed too,
trembling and crying
for mercy, horrified
at what they, what I
had done
in the darkest hours.
We lay bereft
until your words came
back and
restored my sanity
and I yielded to love
instead of selfish anger
and we cuddled
all together and
all was healed
again. Another
sleepless night.
This one
left its mark
a dark hidden bruise
a reminder to only me
that the demons were here
after all.

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My thoughts after my first time meeting with other poets in real (not online) life.

Cytherean Dreams

I found out last night
just how weird I am
in a room full of poets
none like me. They
craft and rehearse and
sculpt their work
one piece at a time
perfecting their presentation
honing talent and skill.
I explode, spew forth,
drench the page
with my ejaculations
and loving these words
leave them panting
moving on to the next
hundreds of my children
carrying my voice
into the world.
I am prolific, a fountain,
a gushing spigot
I can’t
dont want to
turn off.
This was always
in you, she said,
and she’s right but
I gush, now,
because you are
in me too.

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Daily Prompt: If I Only Had Another Me

Daily Prompt: Clone Wars
If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

Another Me

Another me, to take
over part of my life
and make it their own
take responsibility
for the cleaning
or the second job
or the third job
or the children
or the cooking
or the finances
or the keeping up with friends
and family and maybe
the traveling, too.
I need at least five
others, these clones
to really make this work.
I know, I hear the question
all the time.
How do you do it all?
Simple answer.
I don’t.

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“A thirty day cleanse!
Thirty days to a new you!”
A thinner you, a trimmer you,
a you better able to pull
the rest of the world in
and bend it to your liking.

No, that’s not
the cleanse I need.
I need a cleanse
to push the world out.
Mark my boundaries clearly
and pull my energy inwards.
Save my love for myself,
my children, my homes,
and focus on healing
my heart
without you
without anyone
to muddy my clarity
and drain my soul.

“Thirty days to
a brand new you!”
I’ll take a brand new me,
without you, at all.

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Daily Love Quote: #16 (Jason Mraz)

The Trouble with Lying

I teach my children
who like all, sometimes lie
that I know it’s easy to lie, and
it’s not that it makes you
feel bad. No one
can tell, sometimes, not
even me. And you’ll likely
feel smart, even smarter
than your mommy.
But that’s not why it’s wrong.
It’s wrong because you become
fake, a parody
of the real you.
You won’t trust anyone
to love you
for who you are, because
all they’ll know
is the fake you
that you show the world.
And you’ll start to believe
the real you
doesn’t deserve
to be loved
because don’t they all
just want to hear
what you’re telling them now?
You’ll lose yourself
in your own lies
and your heart will wither.
Give me, give the world
a chance to celebrate
your realness,
your messy authenticity
and you won’t ever
even want to lie.