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Kingdom Come

My kingdom is coming. Is yours?

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On the Verge

On the verge of a breakthrough.
On the verge of tears.
On the verge of screaming.
On the verge of collapse.
On the verge of bursting.
On the verge of exploding.
On the verge of imploding.
On the verge of rebirth.
On the verge of metamorphosis.
On the verge of…
On the verge of…


I wish I knew.

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Re-blogged random post…one of the greatest lessons I learned years ago was that the potential for change and growth is the greatest gift we have.

Cytherean Dreams

The only surety
in life
is change, that
the greatest power
we have
the greatest gift
from the universe
is our own ability
to see options
to move towards light
to recognize
when a choice made
might not be right,
after all,
and to turn, then,
in a new direction.
That’s how we learn
how we grow
by searching for
our own place
until we find
where we shoot
our roots deep
into the rich soil
reaching down
and up, at once
grounding in the earth
bringing the energy upward
as we reach toward
the stars.

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Fear (Reprise)

Why is it so scary
for me to care?
To know
that what another person does
or says or feels
can wash through me
and crash cresting
waves of pain or joy?
Fear paralyzes, freezes time
in the most painful moment,
trapped stuck in cloudy
luminescent moonstone.
I have to
choose not
to fear him.
Or I will be stuck
frozen, now –
I have to change
and move forward.
Why not

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You’re what I would change.
If I could go back
and tell myself, don’t push,
just let him be, and
don’t overstep
don’t ask for anything
he wasn’t ready
or willing
or capable
of giving, because
even the asking
too much openness
too much to take.
There could’ve been
so much more good,
so much understanding
it could’ve been
so much better
if only
I had changed.

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My candle’s still burning bright…

Cytherean Dreams

There is no place for despair
in the fire glowing
white moonlight torch
cleaning out the stale air
breathing deeply, finally.
I want to lick the flames,
ingest the burning heart,
light my own inner fire
stroking crystalline and clear.
What possibilities lie
in the next five minutes?
hours? days? weeks?
No room here for despair –
fiery change and new hopes flicker
glowing white.

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Beauty, Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Fun, Gratitude, Healing, Hope, Journeys, Love, New Paths, Truth

First day of Spring is tomorrow…glad for this Winter to be behind me…

Cytherean Dreams

Renewal has come
and I
feel refreshed
and newly alive
with the promise
the hope
of a bright, hot
coming soon.

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