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This is what marriage is – I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. Time to let me charge into battle while you lay down your arms. Time to stand together, forever braided intertwined.

Cytherean Dreams

Together means your demons
become mine, and I gladly
pick up my sword and
charge into battle, for you.

Together means my charges
become yours, and you gladly
lay down your arms and
nurture them, for me.

Together means we stand linked
our shared destinies binding
into a cosmic path of fire
burning bright ahead, for us.

Forever together, yours mine ours,
braiding intertwined, without end.

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Family, Gratitude, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Marriage, Miracles, Pain, People, Truth

Endings and Beginning

A time of endings led
to the new beginning of you.
Of me. Of us. Of our family.
Of missing you
when I’m not home
for dinner or
hoping that you’ll
roll over and cuddle me
in your sleep, as
you so often do, because
I love your dreamy loving arms
and I thank my God everyday
for those endings.
For every broken heart endured.
In clarity with pain,
I see your light.

Empathy, Family, Hope, Journeys, Love, People

Drop Off

At the curb, arms

already aching

to hold you close

for hours, your

potent kiss

transfixed me,

despite the city

streets churning

despite the child’s

shouts clamoring

distractions, futility,

unable to penetrate

our tiny universe

of us on the curb,

saying goodbye.