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Time to Dream

Slip into a state of the other
where sunshine flows through
your silken hair and sky-bound prisms
mirror the spectrum of colors caught
in your iridescent eyes and
you speak softly of my beauty
of our power to pull forth
from our fertile soil new life
a far off dream, a so close fear
that you might love me
that you still dream of me
that you long to worship me
slip between worlds into my temple
and find your true self.

Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Gratitude, Greek mythology, People, Truth


It was the color only
for royalty, once.
On pain of death
no one would dare
to stand and
drape themselves
in my regal plum, my
saturated hue,
hubris on display
in the lush folds
of my wine-soaked robes.
But now, in this age
when any, when all
live better than kings
they don the garb
of high priestesses
unknowing, invoking
the goddesses with
intimate caresses
of spun cotton, woven
into tapestries of power
they wear on their skin
for the bargain price
of less than an hour’s labor.
We are all regal, now.

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Wherever you are, you walk in the sun.
My love from afar will bathe you in light.
Above, I will warm you, free you, my One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
This love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In the long dark time when you’re far from me.
My sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming us both in this eternity.
I know you feel me, deep love in your heart,
You feel my sunshine imbuing your strength.
It does not matter if close or apart.
We cannot measure our love in mere length.
I long for the day, your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close you always have been.

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You are your own goddess…

Cytherean Dreams

Death and re-birth
severed connections
lead to new searches
growth in the most powerful
direction, straight up,
and I take my place
in the pantheon.
The healer goddess
bringing strength and joy
and clarity and connection
through Love.

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Beauty, Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Gratitude, Greek mythology, Hope, Journeys, Miracles, New Paths


New beginnings emerging from the waters…

Cytherean Dreams

Emergence by Helen Comay Sometimes I dream I am the first woman emerging from the cold, primeval water, slippery as a seal with the sea brine still clinging to my naked body. I see my knotted, wavy hair pleated with viney seaweed, waterfalling down my back and my breasts like tributaries from a mountain after a heavy rainfall. My still partially-webbed feet stumble over the prehistoric skeletons of the brave who ventured before me, using their fins for feet. When I look around with my salty sea eyes, I see the beauty of the land as Eve, awakening from her preprimordial sleep, must have seen it, violent in its verdant outbursts sounds that echo and re-echo over contours of the land. I see dots of colors I could never have imagined in the aquamarine womb from which I emerged and look to the heavens to see a midnight-blue sky where…

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I can’t, I’m not
that good of a poet
to describe the
cerulean beauty
that resides now
on my left hand.

Its facets sparkle, dance,
play with the light,
hint of ocean depths
of the perfect heart
from which I was born.

The stone rests lightly
framed in white gold glory
crowned in draping swirls
which mirror the folds of fabric
that will adorn me
when I pledge my heart
to you alone, my betrothed.

The joy washes over me
sweeping me out to sea
when I stare, lovingly,
caught in its azure depths.
It’s indescribable.

I’m not good enough now,
but I have a lifetime ahead,
with your ring on my hand,
to keep trying.