Death, Family, Pain

A tiny squeak

He squeaked at the end

final breaths, heaving, strained

He fought the onslaught and then


Lightning silenced, at last.

Courage, Death, Empathy, Heartbreak, Pain, politics, Truth

Amidst the Dying

Amidst the dying 
Courage shines, 
A wounded man cradled 
In his savior’s bloodied arms.

Amidst the grieving
Compassion floods,
A mother comforted 
By uniformed, gentle men.

Amidst the turmoil
Hope arises,
A full-throated call
To return us to sanity.

Amidst the despair
Love abounds,
Bright spotlight shining
On our solidarity, worldwide.

Amidst the lies
Truth rings clear,
United we must stand
Against weapons of hate.

Catholicism, Death, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Judaism, Pain, People, Truth

Easter Sunday 2016

Logged on to post
about how much
I love Cadbury’s crème eggs
and saw instead
that 65 people
mostly women
blown up by a suicide bomber
in Pakistan, with
another 280 injured.
There is no respite today.
My prayers again to the world
for renewal of spirit,
for healing of our sickness,
and for peace in our time.

Death, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Pain, Questions, Truth


She’s gone and they expect the crowds

the mourners will overflow, hundreds

will pack into too small of a space.

Rent out a grand room, to hold everyone

who wants to pay their respects.

And I look around, lost in the throng,

amidst and adrift

and ask myself

What good can I do now,

so when I die, years hence,

I will be mourned like this?

What good can we all do now?

Death, Empathy, Gratitude, Journeys, Judaism, Pain, People

A Light

She was a light, on the day of my darkness,

when I crawled into the cavern, her temple, hoping

to find clarity, or at least, some peace

for the morning, if not forever, and

she found me, in the dark. Looked at me.

Saw me. Saw my pain.

And asked, gently, if I wanted to share it.

She heard me with the ears of a friend and

responded with the wisdom of a sage and

helped me heal, that day.

For that alone, I will lay

a stone on her gravesite.

For that alone, I will never forget.

Death, Empathy, Healing, Hope, Judaism, Pain, Truth

Kol Nidre

begging, please forgive

I reveal my traumas, bare

fears disguised as fate

Courage, Death, Empathy, Journeys, Love, Miracles, Truth

Blessing in Disguise

If you fulfill your promise, live your path, and

earn the right to die at peace,

this will be your reward:

You live to see yourself helpless, weak, frail, and

in that weakness, you can see true love, pouring

out from the children you raised or friends you nurtured

as they stop their lives to travel with you

as far as they can, before

you float across the threshold of death

no longer weighed down by a body

now wasted, dessicated, but no waste pouring out, 

only a shell, a skin that you shed knowing

It was never really you, but just a vessel, carrying your luminous spirit,

a means to fulfill your peaceful end, finally seeing the love you created,

finally fulfilling your place in the skein.