Weight Wait

Overweight, weighted
down with weight, with weighty thoughts
with a weighty

Proposal. I do
I think I really do want
to lose these weights, these

Shackled pounds that keep
me staggering under the
weight of myself, my

meaty thighs, my thick
ponderousness, my belly.
Lose the weights and fly.

Time to Dream

Slip into a state of the other
where sunshine flows through
your silken hair and sky-bound prisms
mirror the spectrum of colors caught
in your iridescent eyes and
you speak softly of my beauty
of our power to pull forth
from our fertile soil new life
a far off dream, a so close fear
that you might love me
that you still dream of me
that you long to worship me
slip between worlds into my temple
and find your true self.


It was the color only
for royalty, once.
On pain of death
no one would dare
to stand and
drape themselves
in my regal plum, my
saturated hue,
hubris on display
in the lush folds
of my wine-soaked robes.
But now, in this age
when any, when all
live better than kings
they don the garb
of high priestesses
unknowing, invoking
the goddesses with
intimate caresses
of spun cotton, woven
into tapestries of power
they wear on their skin
for the bargain price
of less than an hour’s labor.
We are all regal, now.

Dusk in the Fall in Los Angeles

I walk out
of the carefully controlled
environment of the grocery store
into a paradise, lights dimming,
slight tinge of cold
pink golden clouds stark
against bright blue still,
as the sun descends at 4:45 pm.
Can it really be turning
to darkness already,
this early in the day?
Doesn’t it stay blazing heat,
searing sunshine always?
No, it just seemed that way,
when we were in the grips
of unabated desert flames,
it seemed it would last forever.
But Autumn did come,
we fell into what
we call cold at sixty degrees,
and the crisp beauty
refreshes and cleanses
our souls, as day
becomes dusk becomes dark.


This is what marriage is – I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine. Time to let me charge into battle while you lay down your arms. Time to stand together, forever braided intertwined.

Cytherean Dreams

Together means your demons
become mine, and I gladly
pick up my sword and
charge into battle, for you.

Together means my charges
become yours, and you gladly
lay down your arms and
nurture them, for me.

Together means we stand linked
our shared destinies binding
into a cosmic path of fire
burning bright ahead, for us.

Forever together, yours mine ours,
braiding intertwined, without end.

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