You Were Right

You were right. One year
later and I am so much
better without you.

Empathy, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Love, Marriage, Pain, Questions, Truth

Paradise Delayed

Paradise delayed

Because you had to see if

One drink would matter.
It did. And now you’re

Lost again, cut off from me

And our family
And our love. Alone

A pale shadow of yourself.

Lesson learned yet?



Another woman raped.

Another gun pressed 

against another forehead.

Another horrific trauma shown

for entertainment

To show us, this happens.

Believe me, I know. I

see them coming, those 

predictable atrocities.

I see them all the time.

Every day, too much,

Once again innocence shredded

as the next news story comes out

the next cycle of horror and once

in a lifetime terror happening

predictably, every single day. 

Beauty, Gratitude, Home, Hope, Miracles, Questions


A welcome surprise
to end my day
my candle burning bright
on the mantle
as never before
when the flickering frail flame
smothered under melted wax
would sputter into
nothingness, but now
for no reason
it lives, it breathes
it lights my darkness
and gives me hope
that my wish
will come true
will appear
in spontaneous
combustion, coming home
to me.