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My poetic husband’s take on the Flood….

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The fish were nonplussed by The Flood
They wouldn’t know Noah from Adam
The Deluge made their world huge
For forty days and forty nights
Earth was ironically named
The Marine reigned supreme

Aquatic life was not winnowed down to pairs
Crammed into Ark compartments
They had more than enough cubits
The Lord’s fury and sadness
Was landlocked, not offshore
The wicked and corrupt
Swarming walkers and crawlers
Were submerged by
Broke open skies and geysers from the deep

As seas rose over the highest apexes
The fishes flourished
Swam over forests, fins were wings
And kelp floated where clouds once were
These were prosperous halcyon times
For the hydrosphere, a gilded age for the guiltless gilled

It is written that this liquid cataclysm
Killed an antediluvian evil
And when that drowned and died
The oceans subsided, land dried
And people were fruitful and multiplied

This is only one side…

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