My Beloved

by Andre Charles, for our wedding on June 29, 2014

Exceptionally, exponentially amplifying, multiplying incalculably
Palpably present in every moment and breath
Its bottomless depths and infinite heights
My limitless love for you forever flowers, flourishes, rises, brightens
Encompassing entirety entirely in mystical crystal clarity
An immeasurably amusing gaiety without parity
Marrying disparate merriments:

The tingling comfort of the warmest crimson fire
Bathing in the coolest sky-blue waters
The exhilarating acceleration of coming to serenity
A unity quickening and calming
The intertwining of buttressing strength
And buffering softness

And it renews with every view of you
A perpetual passion delightfully reigniting invitingly
Excitingly wedding us in unending heaven sent wonderment


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