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Good Karma

May the good you do come back to you.

Cytherean Dreams

She walked quickly down
the street
followed by a
screaming man
obscenities thrown
at her, insane miming
about what he would do
to her,
if he could,
and she trembled, turned back
and ended up
next to me.
Not on purpose.
I was part of the scenery
to her. She thought
she was alone
in the daylight
on a busy street
with no one caring
about her plight.
But I moved forward
stood with her
and spoke and kept
her safe, and a
gentleman tried to come
to our rescue, but
we didn’t need it then.
We thanked him, and left
and I drove her
the short distance
to her friends and safety
and she smiled as she left me
and said this was
good karma, to start
this year.
I shrugged
and smiled
because I don’t care
if this
comes back to me
or not.
I’m just tickled

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