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New beginnings emerging from the waters…

Cytherean Dreams

Emergence by Helen Comay Sometimes I dream I am the first woman emerging from the cold, primeval water, slippery as a seal with the sea brine still clinging to my naked body. I see my knotted, wavy hair pleated with viney seaweed, waterfalling down my back and my breasts like tributaries from a mountain after a heavy rainfall. My still partially-webbed feet stumble over the prehistoric skeletons of the brave who ventured before me, using their fins for feet. When I look around with my salty sea eyes, I see the beauty of the land as Eve, awakening from her preprimordial sleep, must have seen it, violent in its verdant outbursts sounds that echo and re-echo over contours of the land. I see dots of colors I could never have imagined in the aquamarine womb from which I emerged and look to the heavens to see a midnight-blue sky where…

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