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In the ocean today, with my cerulean gem, it was beautiful.

Cytherean Dreams

I can’t, I’m not
that good of a poet
to describe the
cerulean beauty
that resides now
on my left hand.

Its facets sparkle, dance,
play with the light,
hint of ocean depths
of the perfect heart
from which I was born.

The stone rests lightly
framed in white gold glory
crowned in draping swirls
which mirror the folds of fabric
that will adorn me
when I pledge my heart
to you alone, my betrothed.

The joy washes over me
sweeping me out to sea
when I stare, lovingly,
caught in its azure depths.
It’s indescribable.

I’m not good enough now,
but I have a lifetime ahead,
with your ring on my hand,
to keep trying.


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