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Before You

Before you, I thought
the universe sent me
only the hard ones
men broken, needing healing
men scarred, needing hope.

Before you, I thought
love meant fighting and
sometimes bursting
into angry or heartbroken tears
into a thousand pieces of myself.

Before you, I thought
I didn’t deserve this happy
carefree love I’d heard about
seen so little in life
seen so devalued in society.

Before you, I thought
I knew exactly what and who
I searched for, longed for,
needed to join me on my quest
needed to heal my heart.

After you, I think
the hard ones can take care of themselves, and
love doesn’t mean melodrama, and
I deserve breezy happiness too, and
I had no idea what I really needed

Was you.


5 thoughts on “Before You”

  1. Yes. The downside of getting what we want, what we yearn for, is that it may have nothing in common with what we need (and deserve!). Thanks for the reminder (and for phrasing it in such a flavorful, easy to digest form).

    1. Glad you liked it! Yesterday was a happy day, and needed to be marked with a happy poem. The universe sent me who I needed at just the right time. Oooo, I feel another gushing poem coming on…

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