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Pink Sapphire

Morning’s early light drifting in, and
lazily, we stirred from sleep, to
share even more, and I
could finally tell
you about

The pink sapphire, the one my grandmother
gave to me, when she was still
here, in both body and mind.
She started drifting
away soon after.

So the sapphire is all I have left of her
kindness and charm and wit and
soft, pink steely warmth
and you asked about
my jewelry, the

Stones and gems that light my world, so
I pulled this one out of my shrine
and presented it to you, let
you see it, put your
energy inside

And then I slipped it on my left hand
where the sapphire loves to play
and when I looked down,
later, in the sun,
it danced

Alight, awake, with love, on my finger.


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