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No one else has “liked” it, but I still love this personal prayer and add it on to every Amidah.

Cytherean Dreams

I trust in You
and know that You
will bring me
the love I need
in my life.
In whatever form
love appears in,
I’m grateful
to You.

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2 thoughts on “Open”

  1. Just because nobody has “liked” it doesn’t mean they haven’t made it their own (with or without minor alterations for a better fit). Mine might be: I trust in fate, and know that you will bring me what I need in my life, in whatever form it appears, I’m grateful to you). I can’t say that I fully trust in my fate yet, but with the help of your poem (hope you don’t mind the alterations, was that disrespectful to the integrity of the poem?) I’m closer than I was before I read it.

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