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This one helps me remember who I am.

Cytherean Dreams

You were never married,
the smiling serene rabbi said
to me. No need for a divorce
in our faith, because
he had no standing
to marry you at all
and so, in our eyes, it
didn’t really happen.
And I felt so light and free
and bouncing joyful at
this news, and was surprised
at how little I was surprised.
Because by then
I had seen a bit
a glimpse
of what consecration means
of the process and binding
the multiple ceremonies
tying families together
as a couple joins hearts
to build a home
a foundation for the community
not an island, but an oasis
a blessing to all.
I was never consecrated
had never given myself
at that deepest level
and so, not truly wed.
Not yet.

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