Courage, Empathy, Healing, Hope, Journeys, Love, People, Regret


All I really want
all I’ve ever wanted
as I’ve said
from the start
is a conversation
a dinner
or coffee
just you and me
to finally see
into each other’s eyes
and find out
the truth
of why this is
what it is
for the pain
on both sides
tell stories
about the new joys
found in this year
and just see
where we go
if we go
in this lifetime
but at least
moving forward,


5 thoughts on “Conversation”

  1. I feel like such a horrible person (which doesn’t make me feel all THAT bad ’cause, after all, Iam Who Iam) because I’m enjoying your unrequited-love poems SO MUCH that I’d be very disappointed were the love ever requited.

    1. Glad you’re liking them. Hope some of the happy ones are resonating, too :). I’m actually a pretty happy person, but since I can’t talk to some particular people directly, I have to say what I would say if I could here instead. It’s all just more material, I guess ;).

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