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Originally posted in mid-February, right before meeting my gift. It fits now, too, so of course it came up in a “random post” click.

Cytherean Dreams

I’m lonely.
There, I said it.
Feels weak and
insecure to
admit such a need
the need to talk
at my level
to have a partner
and friend and lover
all wrapped up
in one person
something I’ve never had.
Something I still think
you could be, if you
wanted to. But
you don’t. And
I’m lonely.
So it’s time
to do what I’ve never done
to act and open myself
to new possibilities
something beautiful
and new.

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2 thoughts on “Lonely”

  1. I know exactly how you feel and I felt the same way just a month ago. Just trust in the universe because when that person does come along…..he will just take your breath away. And he will be at your level, your equal.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement…but I did get that a couple of months ago. He took my breath away. And then left me after a week, which I’m still recovering from. So, at this point, I’m honestly not sure I even want my breath taken away, even as I still search for a true partner for this lifetime.

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