Chakra energy, Empathy, Family, Gratitude, Healing, Home, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Truth


They were brown, that night
when we met and you
found me
new and exciting
clothed in a different era
and you were eager then
to join
to become part of
the family, our clan.
You needed the cleansing
your aura tainted
staining your eyes dingy
with the weight
of your travels
your journey
your still broken heart.
The next time, ocean blue
eyes, you said, but
I saw sky
bright eggshell
the promise of crystal spring
dazzling topaz sparkle
words and ideas and energy
flowing easier now
deepening to rich azure
later, under
moonlight and
drizzle-infused arcs
full spectrum dancing
in your everlasting bright eyes.


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