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Last line of the chapter – “The mystic quest in Judaism is the effort to bridge the abyss between God and the world by healing the rift within God.” David S. Ariel

Cytherean Dreams

The air is thick today
swimming through pain
from last year
two years
when the rifts
became canyons
insurmountable and filled
with sharp crags
making passage through
Even for me.
I’ve traversed pools
of lava, burning
anger from years
of lies and betrayals
and come out unscathed.
I’ve leapt through
years of time
to bring a star
back into its orbit
and rejoice in its
illuminating glow
once again.
I’ve travelled across oceans
to heal and bring
the purity of water
to refresh the broken
for the long road ahead.
But this chasm
is beyond my powers
and I just sit at the edge
watching my tears
fall into the depths.

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