Family, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Love, Pain, People, Regret, Truth

When I Knew

It wasn’t when I laughed
and named you perfect
in my eyes.
It wasn’t when
I held you and
you took your place
where no other had been
on the right side
reading my thoughts and
answering them aloud,
exploring heights of rapture.
It wasn’t when you grinned
uplifted with my family
so natural in
my most sacred space.
It wasn’t when I
showed you, told you
all my secrets
leading you on a tour
through my world.
No, I knew
I loved you
when I trembled
looking up at the
stars of violet crystal
and knew, felt
you had decided
the end would be today,
and my heart broke
and I realized
how much you meant.
Maybe telling you then
would have changed the story
I had already
shown too much.
And you were already gone.


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