Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Healing, Love, People

What Love Means

I love you.
I’m not kidding,
I know it’s unbelievable.
There’s no real reason
for me to love you
because who are you,
anyways, just
a man, no different
than any other?
Isn’t that what you think?

But I love you.
I love your soul.
Lavender energy pours
from my hands, tingling
again, because my soul
refreshed, is loving you
again. And what
love means
is so different
than what you think.

I love you.
So I want you
to thrive.
I don’t want
to control you
or to turn you
into my robot
or prisoner,
or butler.
I love you
so I want you
to follow whatever path
you want to take.

I love you
so of course
what I want is
to be with you. But
I have to respect
your right
to walk without me
if you wish. But
I love you.
And all I can do
is love you from where
I am, sending my energy
to help you,
on your way.


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