Beauty, Chakra energy, Childhood, Courage, Empathy, Gratitude, Greek mythology, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Love, Pain


My life is rich,
as full as a river
of unbroken flowers
carpeting sundrenched meadows
where I would play
as a child, when
nightmares shook me
out of sleep and
I needed to rest
in a happier place,
a happier state of mind.

My heart is rich,
as languid and luxurious as
melting chocolate, creamy
and achingly sweet on
my tongue, exploring
the depths of your kiss,
the scent of it
of your breath filling
me, free of all thought.

My soul is rich,
as resplendent and quiet
and purely powerful as
stars glittering, dancing
with an iridescent moon
pregnant whiteness glowing
blessing lover’s trysts
filled with grace knowing
my path across the sky
matters to those below.

I was, am, rich, already.
But life, heart and soul
grew so much richer and fuller
with you, and so much
poorer and thinner


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