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Daily Love Quote: #16 (Jason Mraz)

The Trouble with Lying

I teach my children
who like all, sometimes lie
that I know it’s easy to lie, and
it’s not that it makes you
feel bad. No one
can tell, sometimes, not
even me. And you’ll likely
feel smart, even smarter
than your mommy.
But that’s not why it’s wrong.
It’s wrong because you become
fake, a parody
of the real you.
You won’t trust anyone
to love you
for who you are, because
all they’ll know
is the fake you
that you show the world.
And you’ll start to believe
the real you
doesn’t deserve
to be loved
because don’t they all
just want to hear
what you’re telling them now?
You’ll lose yourself
in your own lies
and your heart will wither.
Give me, give the world
a chance to celebrate
your realness,
your messy authenticity
and you won’t ever
even want to lie.


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