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Daily Prompt: The List

Daily Prompt

I miss the communicative and sweet part. That was a real gift.

Cytherean Dreams

So much openness, but
I still kept secrets.
Like my leather-bound book
the one I hide
in plain sight
with the list inside
to keep me grounded
and sane, knowing
that love, even
unconditional love
is never enough
for a happy life.
I made a list
to remind myself
anchor myself
in what I knew I needed.
Inquisitive, optimistic,
Jewish in his heart and soul,
caring, sexy,
fair, open-minded,
considerate and warm,
enthusiastic, insightful,
sexually spiritual,
joyful and grounded,
purposeful and balanced,
mindful, flowing,
self-aware, and
secure in his strength,
loving and respectful,
knowledgeable, communicative
and sweet.
A wish list, a hope
to find such a man,
such as you. And
all I can do now
is wish and hope
that this, that I
am not too much to take
am what you
wished for, too.

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