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I want something
I’ve never had, not
really, I’m sorry
to those I hurt
by saying this truth.
I’ve never had a
true partnership
an equal on all levels
a friend who is
also a lover whose love
lifts my soul into
higher planes
and whose friendship
grounds me in this world
gives me strength to fuel
my work here,
up there.
So this is my challenge
to myself, and to you.
To put aside
what I know already
is beyond incredible
our nearly holy rapture
and focus instead
on the friendship and
partnership and
build those first,
fuel the flames
burst our light
to the heavens
for when, if
we come together
in love again.


4 thoughts on “Challenge”

  1. I resonate with this so much because I’ve been single for more than a year and only want a spiritual relationship with someone who is my equal on all levels so that we may grow together and learn our spiritual lessons together. The beauty of such a relationship would be indescribable. Beautifully written poem 🙂

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