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Daily Prompt – when did you feel like a grown-up?

Daily Prompt


It wasn’t when I thought
it was, the first time
I laid in his arms or
felt his love pour
through me. It wasn’t
when I moved forward
into life and work and
paying bills and keeping
a home, for us. It wasn’t
on our wedding day, leaving
my dependency behind me
my fathers on my arms.

It wasn’t even as she grew
inside me, nearly dying there
and arriving in a wash
of blood and pain. No.
It was the moment I saw
her eyes, clear
and loving, looking
into mine from across the room
and saw myself and her father
blended in her face.

At that moment, I
became a mother,
for this life, her life, and
I felt the weight of it
the joy of it
click in my soul, and
I knew I had left
my own childhood behind.


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