Chakra energy, Empathy, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Pain, Truth


It hurts, this connection,
on days like today
when all I feel from you
is draining sadness and
hopeless muddled thoughts
fear of real intimacy
and rejection, of
thinking, with sickening
dread that if I only
knew you, really, knew
the real you, then
I would stop writing
and loving you with
this burning intensity
so one more reason why
we can’t be together
along with the fear of
the scandal the shame
the admitting that maybe
this time
you were wrong.
So many lies you’re
telling yourself
tying yourself in knots.
I know you already. Just
as you know me.
We can’t lie
to someone who
reads our thoughts.
I know who you are
and love it all,
the heights you reach and
the depths you sink to,
both parts of your journey
to wholeness.
I feel it all
through this connection
that never dies.


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