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Daily Prompt: Mentor Me – In Honor of My Mentor

Daily Prompt

Lessons Learned

As soon as I saw you
I knew I wanted
to be you, to have
a life like yours that
used our knowledge
for good, for creating
a better world,
for giving voice to
the voiceless,
for lighting the way
to prosperity for all.
And so I hounded you
until you let me study
let me stay under
your wing, trusting me
with your word and your name
until I could soar on my own
and you were proud
to call me yours.
Thank you for believing
that I could continue
your work. I hope,
now that you’ve moved on
to a higher plane,
that I’m doing justice
to your life, and
to our calling.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mentor Me – In Honor of My Mentor”

  1. Beautiful and wonderful. This has been one of the better responses I’ve seen. Sadly I’ve seen quite a few responses that were, “I don’t think I’ve had a mentor or anyone I’d consider a Mentor to me”. I enjoyed reading your response. Thank you for sharing!

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