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Daily Prompt – Where did “Cytherean Dreams” come from?

Today’s Daily Prompt was to explain where your blogname came from. The comments are closed – evidently all us bloggers like to talk about ourselves. I’ve had the short version of this story in my “About Me” page for a while, but here’s the long version:

“Cytherea” is an alternate name for the Greek goddess Aphrodite, referring to her birth, walking fully grown out of the ocean. It means “she comes from the waters.”

I read that in about 3rd grade in a book about Greek mythology, and just loved it. Fell in love with the name completely. So I’ve used it for many things since then, including my first personal e-mail account in 1997. Fast forward to early 2012, when my holistic healer told me, in our first meeting, that she felt like I was a goddess of love incarnate. And then I told her about my other name, and she just glowed with happiness. And I’ve always had very vivid dreams – dreams that change my life and advance the story and help me make sense of everything around me.

So it seemed pretty wonderful to me to call my blog Cytherean Dreams, when I started it. It just fits me. And boy, do I write about love a lot.


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