Courage, Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Hope, Love, Questions, Truth


Even harder, for you,
than giving love
is receiving it.
So many times
they said they loved
you, but then
hurt you terribly
so was that love at all?
So many times
you’ve felt that heat
that attraction
overwhelming you
from strangers who worship
and you don’t want them
to be at your feet so
turn yourself into
someone they hate,
just to be free.
So many times
what they said was love
was an excuse to smother
your light, instead.
And is your light
even worth saving?
You’re not sure.
Are you worth loving
at all?
You know my answer.
You’re always worth it
and I just wish
you could see that too
and know that real love
doesn’t hurt or
worship or smother
but washes through you
like a cool stream
to quench your thirst
and nourish your roots
so you can grow and thrive.


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