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You were never married,
the smiling serene rabbi said
to me. No need for a divorce
in our faith, because
he had no standing
to marry you at all
and so, in our eyes, it
didn’t really happen.
And I felt so light and free
and bouncing joyful at
this news, and was surprised
at how little I was surprised.
Because by then
I had seen a bit
a glimpse
of what consecration means
of the process and binding
the multiple ceremonies
tying families together
as a couple joins hearts
to build a home
a foundation for the community
not an island, but an oasis
a blessing to all.
I was never consecrated
had never given myself
at that deepest level
and so, not truly wed.
Not yet.


3 thoughts on “Consecration”

  1. Very insightful and interesting twist on the idea of consecration (the response of feeling light and free where one might be expected to experience humiliation and betrayal instead).

    1. Interesting perspective…it was for the best that my marriage ended, for both of us to grow. Humiliation and betrayal weren’t on the table at all, for me at that point. I just wanted to not be held back for the future.

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