Beauty, Chakra energy, Empathy, Gratitude, Healing, Love, Miracles, Truth


You think it’s selfish,
bordering evil
to be so sensual
and focused on
that energy, to want
to need to generate that fire
with you, the only one
who both sets me aflame and
brings forth the waters
inside of me, but
I know it’s not.
Not self-centered
not destructive
not a dangerous urge
to fight against
but rather a gift
from our Creator who
made us to make love
to create positive life
forces through connection
at the most basic, primal level
to slow down and let
my soothing love wash over you
to touch eternity in
the potent, healing power
we create together and
send to those who need it
keep some for ourselves
we need healing too
but mostly to heal the world
and those we love in it
with our ecstasy.
How can that be wrong
to use our powers to
bring in the light?


2 thoughts on “Tantra”

  1. A very lovely poem. I agree that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the wonderful gifts from the Creator for the greater good. To do anything less would seem ungrateful! Such a nice poem! 🙂

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