Chakra energy, Childhood, Empathy, Friends, Journeys, Love, People


Rain splattering the roof
of my parked car still
reminds me of one night
so many years ago when
the Northman and I were
in love and he indulged
my silly schoolgirl fantasy of
having a soundtrack
to our lives and
kissed me
at exactly the right moment
in our love song, timed
perfectly to the beat
and crescendo and
the rain poured down
in counterpoint with
our racing heartbeats.
He really was my first
this one, so tall and blond
no chance of ever melting
into any background.
I hope his life is happy
here in our fair, shared city
and he finds his way home
to my sweet fellow priestess
the one he could have loved
who matches him as I
match my beloved teacher
forgetting that once we
needed each other
to start on our paths
evoked again in the rain.


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