Family, Friends, Healing, Journeys, Pain, People


She hurt me once
and still
hasn’t apologized
or recognized the pain
she caused
using me for her
own ends, and
then tossing me
aside, when
she didn’t need me
And now she writes
as if we’re friends
or on good terms
and I look at her
and see a mess
a vortex of need
ungrounded, unbalanced,
and all I want is
to put some distance
between us, and so
I don’t sign my reply.
Not with my name, and
certainly not
the “hugs” or “love” I send
to friends and family.
I used “yours” only
Even the crisp, brusque
use of my first name
is too close.
So I don’t sign, I
just write “thanks”
and let the boilerplate
address fill in the rest.
So much to read,
from just
my signature.


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