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Another Dream?

I hear the calling
and yet I can’t
help but think
its for you, not me.
Is that what I want
to be a true
spiritual leader
and work for years
to earn another title?
Don’t I have enough already?

But what pulls me
isn’t the title
or the respect I
would earn, but
the woman who hugged me
with tears in her eyes
pleading with me
to start this quest
so she could follow
me, and be one of mine.

It’s the jealousy that
I have
of those who already
walked the path,
because they are
so lucky to live and work
in the houses of God.

It’s the word “back” that
fell out of my mouth
when I confessed I wanted
I thought maybe
I should walk this path. I
said without thinking
that I would go back,
as if I’d been there before.

It’s the discovery that
my father once dreamt
of traveling here himself
and now gives me
his treasures, to guide me
and hold me on my way.

The path is calling me
and now is not the time
to start on my way
but it will be, soon.


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