Chakra energy, Courage, Death, Empathy, Heartbreak, Judaism, Love, Pain, Regret, Truth

Left Me Broken

That day left me broken
you know
and it wasn’t just
from you.
The day before, I
had written my goodbye
to you
and then started out
that next day
with letting go
the man who had
made me happy for
these months of turmoil
because I knew he would never
measure up to you.
And then I went
to the first funeral
of the day
heard about a great man’s life
saw the grief in his death
and returned home
changed by the months I knew
him and
the life he had led.
Felt like a goddess for a bit
powerful and pure
and knew you were writing
that gave you strength.
Found your letter, then,
to me
with your threats
and bluster
and saw the final nail
pounded into this coffin
I laughed when I got it
because it was just so
so right
to tell me who you really were.
But I knew
in my heart
even as my head argued
that we had
unfinished business
so I went
to see you, and finish it.
And we did.
The instant she threatened
me, as you hid, I
just knew.
That was what I
had been looking for.
Don’t know why.
Hate that it happened.
Relieved it finally had.
And then I left,
to go to another funeral
this one for my mentor
but by then I was
Rent to shreds
by my day
and even the Rabbi
and my priest
couldn’t put me
together again.
The earthquake that night
was almost


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