Childhood, Death, Empathy, Family, Heartbreak, Journeys, Love, Pain


Too many schools
have seen too many horrors
too many children
pulled from their coccoons
of learning and playtime
and singing and laughing
and forced to grow old
seeing their classmates
shot to shreds,
ancient with pain
before their time,
if they survive, that is.

On our way to school today
I fought with my children
yelled at them about
not taking responsibility
not helping me help them
get ready for the day
and we ended with fighting,
then a quick hug, still
but not even close
to the usual daily joy.

It could have been them
I fear, and what
would I have done
with the horrendous pain
of loss, if I lost
my dearest ones, my heart
and added to that misery
the last words I had said
were enraged and fuming?
My heart breaks for the parents
who lost their hearts today.
And my children will know
every day, every morning,
that they are
all that matter.


2 thoughts on “Horrors”

  1. Thanks…I just couldn’t leave my desk to go to one school for a holiday party and another for a choir show without writing something. I can’t imagine the pain if I had been planning to have that day and then heard….heard the news that 36 parents heard today.

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