Empathy, Healing, Heartbreak, Home, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Pain, Regret, Truth


We were both right.
Let’s just start there
that both of us
had legitimate claims
real pain and loss
that both were
with the potential
loss of
everything we each
held sacred.
I loved
and was met with
unexpected hate
tried my best to
heal the wound
to make it all right
and to live
in my house
with someone who hated me.
It broke my heart
to have to leave
and nearly killed my spirit
when the door was barred
against me.
You pursued your dream
only to watch it twist
into a curse
that could bring your
cause you to be
cast out of the group
you hold most dear
and I pushed too much
wouldn’t disappear
was just too much
for you to bear.
So we were both right
and both wrong
and our justice
is now upon us.


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