Family, Friends, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Miracles, New Paths, Truth


The day I met you
was a golden day
of revelations.
Just a week earlier
I had visited the man
I thought should be my love
had dinner with him,
his wife, his son,
and was amazed at how
I could love him
and not resent him
could be and was
happy and content
to see him living his other life.
How could that be,
if I wanted him to be mine?

It was that morning
that I realized
I didn’t. I didn’t
want him to be any more
than good friend
and company on my journey
that he had been right
all along, and this love
did exist, as very good friends.
And that was all I
really wanted,
despite the story
that we should be together.
I thanked God
that morning
for being just friends.

And then in the golden
light of the afternoon
I met you.
And shone so brightly
that everyone could see it.
Could see the change.
My children teased me
my friends asked for details
my mother, seeing into my heart
before I did
cautiously warned me
that a life with you
would be too open
and difficult
and why did I have
to pick this one
so far from where my
life had been before?

You never knew me,
before my revelations.
That glow was for you
because of you
and I was ready
that day.
But you weren’t.
And the story began.


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