Courage, Healing, Heartbreak, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Love, Miracles, New Paths, Pain, Truth


Don’t worry, beloved,
I haven’t forgotten you.
As I say prayers of gratitude
you’re always in my soul
and just inside my lips
because you were the one
who reignited my fire
when it had almost died out
smothered under my fears and pain.
I cried and trembled
that first day
stopping and starting
and finally making my way
up the stairs
to sit, and let the unfamiliar
wash over me
until I realized that here
I did know the words
and the song
and it was exactly
what I needed to hear
to start healing
a wound I didn’t know
I had.
I haven’t forgotten you.
I just have to focus
on the blessings here
with me
because as grateful that I am
that you exist
I can’t be grateful
that you aren’t grateful
for me, too.


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