Chakra energy, Courage, Empathy, Greek mythology, Judaism, Love


You astound me with your existence.
You push me at every level,
and yet knowing you are alive
brings me such joy.
But that is not the point.
This is.

I love your voice.
Oh, dear God, that voice.
The timbers of it, when you say
my name
grab hold of me deep,
and I melt and burn, and
listening to you
simply revel in joy.

But what you say, when you speak,
is astonishing. Clear. Bright.
Yet clouded now by the lack of love
behind the words.
You need love more than anyone
I’ve ever known.
You thrive on it, wilt in its absence.
And so you find constant love
in God,
always here, never tangible.

But God, knowing this,
sent me to you.
And I know you ache
to touch me, or would
if you would let yourself.
I gush love like a fountain,
and so am perfect for you,
who would take it
and translate it
into a larger joy, for everyone.

I love your passion
even as you work so hard
to dampen it, pretend
that you care only for
the whole and not yourself.
I love the raw heat
that emanates from you,
the smoldering fires you fear
could destroy you if you
let them free.

I love your humility
and your arrogance,
your narcissism
and your altruism,
your love of learning the new
and closed-minded refusal to listen.
I love your contradictions,
because they define you
and your challenges in this life.

You and I
are both destined for greatness,
whether together or apart,
and I love that you are
my match,
if not yet my partner.
Write to me, my darling,
because I love most of all
to hear your thoughts
knowing, whether you do or not,
that I inspire you, because I love.


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