Chakra energy, Healing, Hope, Love, Regret


I am resting on the savannah.
Weary. Bone-tired. Lonely and hungry.
But not for the new boy who
could come and save me.
I don’t want to be saved.
And I don’t want new love.

I want my old loves, fulfilled.
I want to re-connect.
I want to learn from my teacher,
hear him speak as our eyes meet,
feel him vibrate from standing close to me.
I want to lie entwined with my angel,
his hand lazily rubbing my lower back
as he tells me what’s in his heart, in his head.
I want Fate to intervene and bring
my lost love back into my life,
show me who he is, sixteen years after.

But I have no power or control,
no ability to realize my dreams.
And so I lie here, recuperating.
Healing my wounds. Marveling at my growth.
Feeling my strength slowly rise
within my soul. Soon,
I will be able to continue my journey.
For now, I rest.


1 thought on “Lioness”

  1. Reblogged this on Cytherean Dreams and commented:

    This was the first poem I wrote when I started writing again, after a 17 year or so hiatus. I feel like this again now, but at a whole new level. And the new love was wonderful while I had it, and that’s what I miss, now.

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