Courage, Hope, Journeys, Judaism, Miracles, New Paths

The Question

If I believe, and I do,
that God gives me good parking spaces
and loves my laugh when I realize
in delight that I once again
have the best spot,
then how can I not believe
that God has brought the sadness
and pain into my life, as well?
How can I not?
I believe in the plan
but the plan is not without pain.
I have to believe
that God inflicts the minimum,
that had this pain not existed,
something worse would have come instead.
That this will lead, in the end,
to something good,
as long as I choose to believe,
and keep myself open
to change, to my path, even if
the logic seems absent.
Follow my instincts, even if
I don’t always understand them.
God speaks to us through joy,
and I will follow where
my laughter leads me.


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