Thankful, 2016

I am thankful for adversity.
For evil so naked
it gives me strength to fight,
exhausted as I am.

I am thankful for allies.
For surprising support from
unexpected places,
rising from the wreckage.

I am thankful for sight.
For all media, all recordings, all
memories immortalized and broadcast,
so we can truly see.

I am thankful for love.
For brothers and sisters of all kinds,
lifting each other up to
reach the unattainable.

And I am thankful for you.
For sharing this journey
and for always striving
to walk in the light.


There’s the earthquake

The sense that history has shifted and

Something terrible has gone terribly

Wrong and what didn’t I do, what

Didn’t we all do to stop it? To stop

The idiot assholes from taking over

Our country in their insane quest to win?

You’ve won now, all right. 

You have what you wished for.

But fuck you if you think we’ll ever

Give you what you want –

You’ll never have our respect  

And you’ll never represent America.

You’re still a joke, riding the shoulders

Of morons.

Without Asking

You don’t have to ask.
I’ve already forgiven
what you did, many

Years ago, fading
deep misty subconscious fears
of throwing open

The bright burning
connection that should stay closed
or I might just go

Mad with too much heart
too much of everything turned
to scorched, ruined ash.

I like my life now.
So I forgive you, truly.
And leave you behind.