Weight Wait

Overweight, weighted
down with weight, with weighty thoughts
with a weighty

Proposal. I do
I think I really do want
to lose these weights, these

Shackled pounds that keep
me staggering under the
weight of myself, my

meaty thighs, my thick
ponderousness, my belly.
Lose the weights and fly.

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I’ve lost already. 

Too old, too uneducated, too far 

past your prime. You

younger and stronger and 

with your top-tier university, graduate school, spoon-fed degree,

You’ve beaten me, you’re the acclaimed best and I am



I’ve never been happier

to be not the best

or the youngest or the brightest

The competition, lost, but the life lived, 


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She’s gone and they expect the crowds

the mourners will overflow, hundreds

will pack into too small of a space.

Rent out a grand room, to hold everyone

who wants to pay their respects.

And I look around, lost in the throng,

amidst and adrift

and ask myself

What good can I do now,

so when I die, years hence,

I will be mourned like this?

What good can we all do now?

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A Light

She was a light, on the day of my darkness,

when I crawled into the cavern, her temple, hoping

to find clarity, or at least, some peace

for the morning, if not forever, and

she found me, in the dark. Looked at me.

Saw me. Saw my pain.

And asked, gently, if I wanted to share it.

She heard me with the ears of a friend and

responded with the wisdom of a sage and

helped me heal, that day.

For that alone, I will lay

a stone on her gravesite.

For that alone, I will never forget.

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Kol Nidre

begging, please forgive

I reveal my traumas, bare

fears disguised as fate

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Faith (the Second Time)

faith in you means I

let go and let you have your

journey, one more time

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Am I good for you?

A heart-rending question. Still

you once answered yes.

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Three AM

3 am insomnia 

listening to the sounds of breathing

my husband, the cars outside in doppler exhalation,

wondering if wakefulness will be

my new curse, my new normal 

here in this new and old place

where what was once normal

is now shattered,

where I can drive and point

out the window and say,

there’s where we married, or say,

there’s where we broke into pieces  and 

both were true, once, but don’t really matter

anymore, years later, now that there is no more we.

I am intertwined with the breathing, instead,

as my still nearly newlywed husband reaches

his arm over, to hold me in the dark.

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Lice and Love

I want you to sleep

With me still, even though you’re 

Infested. That’s love.

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my heart, a black stone 

I forgave myself tonight

since I’m all that’s here

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