Night Two

Half of me
want you to stumble
in whatever condition
through the door
just so I know
you’re alive.

Half of me
wants to never see
you again in that state
and hopes you stay
far away because
you’re dead

Inside, I mean.
Your spirit has already
died, and all I can do now
is pray for a miracle
for a phoenix
for rebirth.

Self Criticism


Funniest poem ever written. Seriously. Wasn’t me – I’m not this good.

Originally posted on Andre's blog:

I am not sure if I like this poem,
Despite the critical acclaim it has received.
I even find the title to be a bit bland.
Of course those two words, now trademarked,
Are frequently seen tattooed on people’s foreheads,
A sight I shall never get used to.

This poem is too self-referential for my taste.
Ironic I know,
Since its “post-modern sensibility” was
Singled out as the reason it won
The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry,
An award normally reserved for collections.

Also this poem is really one note.
A fact I informed the movie producer,
Who bought its film rights.
That box office smash spawned sequels, merchandise,
theme park attractions
And received the Palme d’Or at Cannes,
An award normally reserved for films with a plot and characters.

Frankly, I suspect this poem lacks depth and substance.
Yet it remains, at last count, the topic
Of two-thirds of all…

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Sunshine (A Prayer)


In the darkest night, I feel Your light.

Originally posted on Cytherean Dreams:

Wherever I am, I walk in Your sun.
Your love everywhere will bathe me in light.
Above, You will warm me, free me, the One
Who ignites the fire in my precious sight.
Your love is not fleeting, nor will it fade
In my dark hours when You feel far from me.
Your sun still dazzles, never to know shade,
Warming forever this eternity.
You know I feel you, deep love in my heart,
I feel Your sunshine giving me strength.
It does not matter if I play my part.
To You will I always return at length.
And everyday, Your warmth on my skin
Reminds me how close You always have been.

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Sky Blue


An ode to the wonders of normal life…

Originally posted on Cytherean Dreams:

Why is the
sky blue, anyways,
my little one asked
on her way to school,
and I answered her
as a teacher should
with science
and facts about sunlight
filtered through our air
letting blue light stream
into our eyes.
But that’s the How,
not really the Why.
Why? Because sky blue
calms, opens our throats
and lets us express
who we really are
in the light of day
then deepens at night
to indigo
so we can see clearly
and know truth.

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