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Blessed be and amen to that.

Originally posted on Cytherean Dreams:

I praise You

for the story. For

the characters appearing

and diverting the plot

into new and exciting

delicious and enticing


I praise You

for the setting. For

the beauty of

a skyscraper sunset

over trees and houses

for the full moon

rising gracefully,

for serenity.

I praise You

for the context. For

the history, layers

of time unpeeling

through study and

memory and recognition

my soul touching theirs

and knowing, we’ve

touched before.

I praise You

for my heartbeat. For

the chakra energy swirling

animating every move

spirit dancing, or crying,

or exploding in ecstasy

as we lay entwined

after finding our heartbeats

merged into a single

syncopated rhythm.

I praise You

for my world, my life, my purpose.

And hope You

praise me, just for trying, every day.

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Andre in Acrostic

Andre, your soul is
Beautiful and Creative,
Daring and Exciting and
Forever faithful. Your mind
Goes faster than a Hyperloop,
Incessantly Journeying. Your
Kindness is Limitless, your
Majesty apparent in your Noble face, and
Oh, how I love how you
Pedestal me, like a Queen,
Respecting my place in your life.
So. Today we marry,
Under the chuppah, and you are my
Vision, come to life. On this, our
Wedding day, I don’t need an
X-ray to see your heart beats true.
You are the man I prayed for, and I
Zealously proclaim,
I love you
More than words can say.

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My soul and body and mind
all yearn for you,
the answer to my fervent prayers.
The splash of cool blessed water
on parched limbs and tongues.
The heat of melding, joining
burning all resistance away
all fears away, that you
might someday hurt me.
I yearn and you answer,
and there is no greater joy
than this, water and heat
binding us into one.

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You roar, courageous and pure, and
I hear you, from
across the desert ruins,
the wastelands we prowl, separate,
come loping across the savannah
to find you, lay
breathless at your feet
begging you silently to join with me
and create life, ecstasy bursting
softly until spent, we sleep
and then rise, to hunt
together now as one.

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Shalom is your new name.
The completeness, the peace
that comes from knowing
in the deepest sense
I have found.
I have found you.
You have found me.
And there’s no need to seek

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Good Enough

For you, I wish I had
the mastery of Shakespeare
the lyricism of Rumi
the sweetness of Dickinson
all elevated even higher
than those masters ever dreamed
of soaring, flying upon words
woven into grand tapestries
brilliant and hypnotizing
mesmerizing patterns interlocking
to show you, for one day,
how dizzingly high I soar
because of your love.


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